Enrollment and Admissions

Harmony School encourages a diverse enrollment. We do not discriminate based on race, creed, religion, color or national origin. We admit children into our school based on sibling priority, male/female classroom balance and date of application or waiting list standing. We do not require admissions testing, as many children do not exhibit their true capabilities on tests. It has been our experience that children do very well in child-centered classrooms. However, we reserve the right to deny admission to any child whose educational or emotional needs cannot be met by our program.

Parent Commitment
We encourage parents to become involved in our school. We invite parents to share their skills and talents with our students by helping with field trips and classroom parties, reading to the children, volunteering in the classroom, serving on the fundraising committee, or serving on the board of directors. We schedule several parent and teacher work days each year during which parents contribute their time and energy toward landscaping, painting and the maintenance of our facility.

Parent Handbook
Download our parent handbook to review our policies and procedures.

Waiting List
During years of high demand, there may be waiting list for enrollment. If you wish to apply to be on the waiting list for admission, please click here to submit waiting list application.   Applications may be faxed to (803) 291-0401, scanned and emailed to harmonyschoolsc@gmail.com or mailed to 3737 Covenant Rd. Columbia, SC  29204.  While Harmony School will notify you when an opening becomes available, please feel free to check back with us from time to time.

Contracts and Enrollment Packets
Contracts are provided electronically to all enrolling families.  Contracts for preschool students include the summer program.  The summer program is optional for kindergarten and elementary-age students.  Enrollment packets will be emailed to parents upon receipt of a signed Harmony School contract.

The school is supported primarily by tuition. We have a few fundraising events during the year and do some grant writing to support special programs, equipment acquisitions and building renovations. Harmony School is a member of the ABC Block Grant Program sponsored by the Department of Social Services which offers child care assistance to families with financial limitations. For more information about block grant availability, contact DSS.

2017-2018 Tuition Rates

• Preschool:      $477.00 per month (2:15 pick-up) or $637.00/month (with aftercare)
• Kindergarten: $483.00 per month (2:15 pick-up) or $643.00/month (with aftercare)
• Elementary:   $615.00 per month (2:45 pick-up) or $775.00/month (with aftercare)

2017-2018 Fees
• Registration Fee: $300.00 per year (due at time of contract signing)